Smart Learners

Cybersmart learners are at home in a digital world:

To make the most of their Chromebook or iPad and Google Apps, Smart Learners follow the Kawa of Care and learn to use their device confidently and in clever ways to Learn, Create, Share.  While each Cybersmart category has specific learning outcomes, how teachers engage learners  will be in response to the school community and interests of their learners. 

To empower learners it is critical that learning sites are visible and accessible and that learners are able to confidently navigate the site to access learning. Be cognisant of the vocabulary used to describe actions and tools.  Be consistent when using specific terms and encourage learners to do the same. 

Smart Learner Activities

Teachers are welcome to copy and repurpose for their learners. You might find the activities below left helpful to begin. If your learners have been connecting with Cybersmart Learning for more than a year these can be revisited if needed or consider the activities below right.

Getting Started 

Identify opportunities for learners to create with their chromebooks and to become more confident with the keyboard, touchpad and navigation. This means practising what they are learning, everyday. Teachers are welcome to copy and repurpose the following activities for learning. 

Links below include navigation to examples and suggestions that you are invited to repurpose and develop further for your learners.  

Google has partnered with the educators at Pear Deck to create custom, interactive presentations and vocabulary flashcards to accompany the Be Internet Awesome curriculum.

We recommend previewing lessons and considering how best to use with your learners. Because lessons are created using Google Slides they can be copied and repurposed in response to your learners. Copies can also be used independently of the Pear Deck app.