Chromebook Deployment

When deploying iPads please refer to the 1:1 iPad Site

Preparation for deploying 1:1 Chromebooks

New Chromebooks should arrive in the class, enrolled in the school's domain. This means they have Chrome Management license and setting can be managed via the GSuite Administration. Why have Chrome Management licenses with our Chromebooks?

Set the learners’ passwords to a generic easy to type password for the first time they login. e.g. 2020room6

These can be reset later as part of the Cybersmart lesson on creating secure passwords.

Recommend teachers bookmark their site, Teacher Dashboard, Blogger and Class blog in their Bookmarks Bar.

Prior to deployment have a link to the class learning site on the school's website. If this is not possible use the email function in Teacher Dashboard to prepare a welcome email to your learners and include a link to your learning site.

Prior to deploying Chromebooks organise and share learning content on the cybersmart page of your learning site. Once devices are deployed learners can access and engage with these learning tasks immediately. See example below. Bookmark Challenge - repurpose for your class .

Extract student info from Hapara and paste into a spreadsheet.

How to extract student name/email from Hapara

Increase spreadsheet font size to 24-30 and print out. Cut into strips to hand out to each learner to reference when logging in for the first time.

Encourage learners to help each other by using their words and/or demonstrating on their own device.

Deploying 1:1 Chromebooks

Once learners have logged in focus on Bookmarks first

  • Show or hide the bookmarks bar Ctrl + Shift + B

  • Encourage learners to repeat the process of logging in and opening their learning site via their bookmarks.

Follow up with opportunities to practise navigating their chromebook e.g.

Wherever possible have one of the learners either cast to the screen or use the HDMI cable to model this process in real time.

Week 1: We are learning to navigate our Chromebook so we can find our learning faster

  1. File - Make a Copy

  2. Insert your name in the title

  3. Move the labels to show the location of the keys

  4. Practise using each of the keys on our Chromebook.

Chromebook Keyboard