The Manaiakalani  Kawa of Care was co-constructed between schools and whānau. This agreement covers the responsibilities of students, parents and schools. It ensures that students will get the best use of their device during their time on the programme, and that schools and families understand how they can best care for the devices.  

Smart Learners focuses on connecting learners with elements of the Kawa of Care and responsible use agreement. We recommend teachers take time to familiarise themselves with the Kawa of Care and identify how best they can empower learners to make connections with  being Cybersmart.  

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If your learners are new to Chromebooks we recommend scheduling a Kawa of Care Challenge below, as a lesson, in class, with your learners.

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Suitable for Learners new to Chromebooks, co-construct class protocols for Chromebook Care with your learners. Then create a a comic collage to share.

An opportunity for learners to revisit the Kawa of Care. Learners have options to  create and share posters or Gifs.

by Phil @ Ako Hiko. Students can choose starting activity based on experience.

by Fiona @ Taranaki: Create a Cartoon or Gif to demonstrate caring for your chromebook.

by Donna @ Te Hiku: To leave the classroom you must answer the questions about the Kawa of Care to unlock the door.

An opportunity for confident learners to demonstrate and teach others.

This Slide deck is designed to support learners to engage in cybersmart korero with whānau before they sign the Kawa of Care and take their chromebook home. 

We recommend learners have had at least a term of Cybersmart learning prior. 

Schools are welcome to make a copy and repurpose for use in their school. Read more about Glen Taylor School's whānau open day. Parents parents come along to support their children's learning, and to gain valuable insight into how their children are learning via chromebooks now.

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