Digital Dig

The Digital Dig introduces learners to some popular keyboard shortcuts and tools that will help them complete tasks more quickly. If your learners are new using a Chromebook consider selecting specific slides to chunk learning over a series of lessons.

Elements of the Digital Dig include links to examples that can be copied and repurposed for your learners. 

Include opportunities for learners to create with their chromebooks and connect with new learning within existing programmes of learning. 

This means practising what they are learning , everyday. It is critical to establish routines and expectations of a Cybersmart Learner early, to support future learning and empower learners to connect with their responsibilities as a Digital  Citizen.

Example here for BoI College by Kerry Boyde -Preece

Example here for Primary by Phil Margetts 

Digital Dig: Chrome Tabs and Keyboard Shortcuts

Identify opportunities for learners to use keyboard shortcuts and tools everyday within regular programmes of learning. 

Digital Dig

Introduction to Chromebooks

Digital Dig Options for confident learners 

Learners who are not new to a Chromebook and are confident with the Digital Dig challenges could apply what they know to create and share a screencast to help other learners.

Consider harnessing the videos above, the interactive tutorials and what they have learnt from the Digital Dig to create a screen cast

Make you own Digital Dig for your classmates if you are super confident and fluent on your Chromebook.

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