Google Meet

Maximise the opportunity, while you have your learners on site at school, to access and use Google Meet.

Smart Relationships includes being confident to both access Google Meet and know how to interact with others online using the features of the App e.g. video, text chat and screen sharing.

Making connections and sharing via Google Meet also enables our young people to stay connected with their learning and schools when and if distance learning is required.

Limit the Links - Kia iti ngā kuputoro: The Manaiakalani Programme response to Social Distancing

Manaiakalani Using Google Meet

Add Google Meet to your exisiting drills:

Schools are familiar with emergency drills and schedule these regularly so students are familiar with, and confident in, responding to emergency procedures. Apply these same procedures for Google Meet:

We are making smart decisions about how we interact online

Meet Tip: Open the Google Meet Etiquette graphic on a separate tab. If learners in your Meet need to refocus - stop and share the tab in the Meet. Elevate the positive and take a couple of minutes to focus the korero on the elements in the graphic.

Good Manners for Google Meet GM4GM

Pt England School learners share their Google Meet PSA at Assembly

Good Manners for Good Meets
  • Consider opportunities to co construct criteria with your learners, what are your expectations for Meeting online?

  • Make connections with Being Cybersmart - Smart Relationships

  • Identify opportunities to practise at school

Check out this blog post from Te Whare Waipoa in Tairāwhiti sharing their Powhiri with Te Puna Wairua @ Tamaki Primary School in Tāmaki Makaurau

Tuhi Mai Tuhi Atu: Meet with your Blogging Team

Getting started

  • eMail the teacher/s in your team to identify the kaupapa for your Google Meet.

  • Coordinate a possible date and time to schedule your Meet in the calendar.

  • One of the teachers creates an event and adds a Meet in their calendar and invites the other teacher/s.

Getting Organised

What help might you need?

  • About Google Meet Online

  • Ask your facilitator to help with preparation on the day

  • Have any of the teachers in your team participated in a Manaiakalani Digital Fluency Intensive? Confidence to harness Google Meet is an element of the DFI.

  • Organise a practise Meet with teachers first & identify protocols for participating and contributing.

  • Organise to record your Meet if possible and/or take photos or video during the Meet to share on your blog.

Additional Opportunities for Meets with your Tuhi Mai Tuhi Atu Blogging Teams

Blogging Teams Meet with learners accessing via their own Chromebook. This would provide additional opportunities to practise using Meet and protocols while at school. Consider:

  • If in the same room head sets would be required.

  • Identifying protocols for joining a Meet with a group and when others are in the same room.

  • Planning the kaupapa for the Meet and identify who will be speaking and when.