Keyboard Shortcuts and Touchpad

When planning, identify opportunities for learners to create with their chromebooks and to become more confident with the keyboard, touchpad and navigation. This means practising what they are learning, everyday. Teachers are welcome to copy and repurpose the following activities for learning. Plan for learners to be able to share what they have created on the class blog or their individual blog. 


Try these tips on your chromebook as you explore the posters.

This activity is helpful for learners managing the touchpad for the first time.

Explore interactive tutorials for Keyboard Shortcuts and Touchpad


Identify opportunities for learners to practise using their keyboard and touchpad while creating graphics and drawings on their chromebook. These can be shared as screenshots or image files.

Create a poster to share a top tip 


Learners take a screenshot of a graphic they have created and use the blog template to create a blog post for their blog or the class blog.

See examples below 

Step it Up by creating a screencast to share a Chromebook top tip.

The Chrome simulator in Partner Dash (above) is an additional service and may need to be turned on in the Google Admin for students to access.

Cybersmart Challenges 

Cybersmart Challenges can be set as individual tasks or scheduled as a lesson.

10 Chromebook Touchpad Tips and FREE Poster in multiple formats Created and shared  by Eric Curts.

Zippers are digital drawing challenges that can be completed in minutes.  Created by Tony Vincent. An engaging and creative way for learners to navigate their device and Google Apps

Activities to get started

Working with Shapes, text and Images in Google Slides by Chris Betcher

Consider making a copy of this slide deck and chunking for lessons in response to learners. For example Slides 1-22 to get started then create a creature using what they have learnt.

Working with Shapes, Text and Images

Create a poster using Google Draw to share your top tip

Share this example created by Wanda Terral to inspire your learners: Chromebook Tips

Include original illustrations and images learners have created: e.g. Sumo Paint, Google Drawing tools

Posters created by students from Ruapotaka School