Create a PSA

Select one of the elements from the Kawa of Care Responsible Use Student Agreement

Create a DLO to help and inspire learners in our cluster to follow our Kawa of Care and be Cybersmart.

Create your DLO in the style of a Public Service Announcement (PSA)

Option: How would your PSA differ if your target audience is parents and whānau?

  • Choose either a video or animation (30 seconds maximum), poster or infographic

  • Optional - collaborate with a group (three people maximum) to create your PSA

  • Upload a copy to your Google Drive and share on you blog.

Keep your message clear and simple, and target your intended audience. Your goal is to call your audience to action.

Are they inspired?

Before you start find out more about creating a PSA

  • Explore the PSA examples and on this page and identify the messages.

  • What strategies are used to help communicate the message?

  • What actions are included to encourage positive behaviour or change?

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