Smart Money

Smart Learners understand the financial implications of the digital world

  • Know how to buy and sell online

  • Understand our rights as online consumers

  • Understand the monetary value of personal information

  • Recognise scams and phishing

Consider opportunities to make connections with Financial capability in the curriculum themes:

  • Managing Money - Spending, Budgeting and financial management

  • Managing Risk - Identifying and managing risk, Rights and responsibilities

The slide decks are a resource for teachers. They include suggestions, resources and ideas to support teaching and learning for Smart Money. We advise teachers select and repurpose content from the slide decks in response to their learners' needs.

Smart Money: Buyer Beware

Smart Money: Buying Online

Smart Money: Consumer Rights

Email Scams: Smart Money

Google has partnered with the educators at Pear Deck to create custom, interactive presentations and vocabulary flashcards to accompany the Be Internet Awesome curriculum.

We recommend previewing lessons and considering how best to use with your learners. Because lessons are created using Google Slides they can be copied and repurposed in response to your learners. Copies can also be used independently of the Pear Deck app.