When Chromebooks are deployed for the first time learners’ passwords are set in Teacher Dashboard to a generic, easy to remember password  e.g. 2030room6 . See Chromebook Deployment. Typically learners with Chromebooks will use this generic password while learning to navigate their device. Use the following resources to empower learners to understand the importance of creating a unique passphrase and keeping it private. We recommend engaging learners prior to logging into their individual blogs i.e.  after 6-8 weeks of deliberate teaching of Cybersmart: Smart Learners

Smart Learners: Passwords
Create a Strong Password
Protecting your Information
Smart Passphrases Ako Hiko

If you have older learners (Year 7-8+) they might find the passphrase activity here  interesting and fun. Links to Mathematics learning ie probability

Below is a copy that has be repurposed for primary learners by Phil @ Ako Hiko.