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Cybersmart Recommendations

Smart and Legal

Harmful Digital Communications Act

Non GSuite and Third Party Apps: Recommendations for Teachers

Keep it real online is a New Zealand Government campaign to support parents and caregivers to keep their children safe online.

Orientation and In Class Support

Manaiakalani Google Sites for Visible Teaching and Learning

This Slide Deck has been designed to support teachers who attended Manaiakalani Orientation in January. Step by step instructions for developing a learning site are included with  screencasts. 

To locate support for specific elements of a learning site see links from Slide 2.

Manaiakalani: Teaching and Learning Support

Manaiakalani Facilitators provide timetabled, weekly, in-class support for teachers in their first year of teaching in a 1:1 digital learning environment.

Blogging Basics: Recommendations and tips for blogging with Blogger

Learners in our primary schools are moving to edublogs in 2022. We will continue to develop and share resources for edublogs here

Blogging Basics: Post and Embed Content
Blogging Basics: Getting Started
Dorothy Burt - T3 - Eliminating Spam on Blogs

Learning from and across digital texts 

DFI - Chalk 'n Talk - Youtube Channels

The effect of the digital environment in schools (Jesson, 2014) 2014 May: Manaiakalani Feedback from Woolf Fisher

"Audio/visual content provides a rich medium for teaching and learning. Video can effectively communicate complex information to a student and, if used creatively, can become a powerful expressive tool" (JISC, 2009)

Learning Site:Video

Cybersmart Reference Sites

Tū Atamai i te Ipurangi

Karia te Karinga Matihiko nei, kia ako ai koe i ētahi nuka pai mō te whakamahi i tō pūrere.

Cybersmart Clips

Non Google Workspace Apps

Apps not included in Google Workspace for Education 

Be Internet Awesome

 Online References and Resources 


Some set up may be required at school for  username and login.

Thinking Tools

Graphic organisers and analysis tools can assist learners to classify ideas and organise and communicate their thinking more effectively.  This is a collection of templates available to copy and repurpose thanks to the generosity of teachers.

Reference Tools

Consider the deliberate inclusion of quality reference tools as part of an existing programme of learning to support learners to develop their independence in reading and in using texts to support their learning. Reference  links to these resources within your learning site.