Chromebook Care

I will respect my chromebook by always looking after it and keeping it safe.

Display a copy of this document on the class learning site and co-construct with learners what they will be doing to care for their Chromebook.

Chromebook Care

Create a comic collage to demonstrate how you look after your Chromebook

  1. Make a copy of a Comic Collage
  2. Move to your Cybersmart folder
  3. Insert three or four photos from the Google Drive folder.
  4. Insert callouts and text for each photo

Creating with Google Draw provides lots of opportunity for learners to become more confident with the keyboard, touchpad and navigation.

Before the lesson create a Google Drive folder in your Learning Site folder, and embed along side the doc.

Take some time for your learners to model how they will care for their Chromebook. Take photos and upload to the shared folder for learners to access during the lesson.

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