Screencastify Terms of Use

"Privacy for Students and Children Under 13 Years Old. The entire Screencastify team takes the privacy of students and children extremely seriously. We do not intentionally target our services to students or children of any kind. Educators that have the authority to act on parent’s behalf may allow students under 13 to use our services, if such use is for educational purposes, and if this use ensures that students will not provide any personal information and will not share, or otherwise, distribute recordings containing personal information of a student. We are able to sign FERPA requests when necessary as well".

Screencastify Privacy Policy FERPA

Setting up Screencastify

Students choose to store recordings in Google Drive. This creates a Screencastify folder in Google Drive and recordings can be moved to relevant Hapara folders and monitored via Teacher Dashboard.

Students identify themselves as student and if under 13 will automatically be removed from all email communications from Screencastify.

Screencastify Lite is completely free, forever. The Lite version lets you record videos up to 10 minutes in length, and up to 50 videos per month. The free version also has a Screencastify watermark in the corner of your recordings.

Screencastify your DLO

Start by using Screencastify to add sound and motion to an existing Digital Learning Object. Upload to Google Drive and embed in your blog.

For example:

  • DLO has been created using a Google Slide. Present slidedeck in full screen, navigate to each slide and record narration.

  • The above can also applied if you are wanting to add a narration to a simple animation

  • Create a set of original images in response to a piece of writing. Record in present mode while narrating.

  • Scaffold script by:

Co-constructing success criteria to identify vocabulary and significant word groups they can use to support their writing.

Scaffolding prompts for self assessment

Resources to help teachers with creating learning intentions and success criteria. Assessment for Learning

Smart Learner: Keyboard Shortcuts and Voice Typing

Build Reading Mileage

Smart Learner: Build Reading Milage with Screencastify

Plan and Create a Screencast

Screencasts are best when they are short and include impact e.g. are helpful and breakdown how to do something, a visual representation of learning and ideas, include original content created by the learner e.g.

  • Record a demonstration on your chromebook with narration.

  • Learners collaborate to create their screencast i.e. a conversation, interview

See Smart Learners Share below

Planning a Screencast

Smart Learners Share

Confident Chrome-bookers create a screencast to share at least one of the following:

    • A Google Drive tip e.g. for creating, searching or organising your Drive and files

    • A tip for creating using a Google Drive App e.g. Slides, Draw, Blogger or a favourite Chrome app

    • A Chromebook tip. Lots of helpful tips here

Create screencast, upload to Google Drive and share on their blog.

Agree on a blog label and encourage learners to comment on other learners' posts.

Share links to these posts on the class blog