Creating and Publishing a Blog Post

Smart Learners use their blog to post content that helps create a positive digital footprint. 

Create a new Blog Post - click each of the Digital Learning Objects below to learn how to create a quality blog post

New Bloggers

Consider the recommendations for Smart Footprint and engaging your learners with how they can harness their blog to Learn Create Share and create a positive digital footprint. 

Recommend teachers identify a template that will work best for their learners and stay with a consistent format to enable learners to familiarise themselves with the elements of a quality blog post.

The sample templates below can be copied and repurposed to provide a guide for your learners. Once you have a template have the learners make a copy. 

The template slide can be duplicated and the slide deck used by learners each time they are crafting a new blog post. These can be copied to the class blog or shared on their own blog when ready.

Step It Up

If your learners have been sharing on their own blog for the past year, revisiting the elements of a quality blog post and exploring  recommendations to boost your blog posts.