The First Post

Smart Footprint: Share content you and your whānau would be proud of.

Rolling out new blogs with learners can be approached as another opportunity to connect with our Cybersmart Curriculum. Years 1-3 will typically have invitations to their blog accepted by an administrator. However if your learners have a chromebook consider signing in to their blog for the first time, as part of the First Post lesson.

A key outcome for this session will be to support learners with the process of creating and publishing a blog post. Previous Cybersmart lessons will include opportunities to create, so learning is ready to share e.g. A Blog Profile has been created in their Google Drive ready to publish to the blog. This enables the teacher and the learners to focus on the actual process of posting i.e. the components of a blog post because the learner and the learning is ready to share.


How will you engage learners with creating their First Post?

  • New Bloggers should have their blog profile ready in their Google Drive with a profile picture ready to copy and paste to the blog as their first post.
  • Invitations to their blogs have been emailed.
  • Learners also need to subscribe to receive email notifications for comments on their blog. This will sent to them as an email from
Blogging Basics: Copy for Learners

The First Post

Blogging basics slide deck includes guides and tips for blogging which can be selected and/or repurposed for your learners.

Smart Learners also use their blogger settings and editing tools to post content that helps create a positive digital footprint.