The First Post

Smart Footprint: Share content you and your whānau would be proud of.

Rolling out new blogs with learners can be approached as another opportunity to connect with our Cybersmart Curriculum.

A key outcome for this session will be to support learners with the process of creating and publishing a blog post. Previous Cybersmart lessons will include opportunities to create, so learning is ready to share e.g. A Blog Profile has been created in their Google Drive ready to publish to the blog. This enables the teacher and the learners to focus on the actual process of posting i.e. the components of a blog post because the learner and the learning is ready to share.


How will you engage learners with creating their First Post?

Student Presentation Setting up Edublogs

The First Post

  • We recommend learners with new blogs create their blog profile in their Google Drive and have it ready to share along with a profile picture. This can be copied and pasted to their blog as their first post.

  • Make time to create a second post on the same day to learn how to schedule posts. This can also be followed up in another lesson. Make sure you have two blog posts ready to share. Publish one and schedule the second.

  • Recommend you revisit the components of a blog post regularly with learners to practise and build independence posting to their blog. If you have a composite class with learners who have already been blogging establish routines for buddy blogging.

Empower learners who have been sharing on their blog to reconnect with their digital footprint and their responsibility to create and nurture a positive online presence they and their whānau, can be proud of.

Consider how you can harness existing blog posts (class and individual) to connect learners with the elements of creating a Smart Footprint. Our learners have a rich history of sharing online ... we don't need to make stuff up!

While there are examples on the cybersmart site that can act as a springboard to repurpose/design lessons, include ideas/contexts that are personalised and inclusive and also take into account your learners.

Smart Learners also use their blogger settings and editing tools to post content that helps create a positive digital footprint.