Creating a Blog Profile

Understand the difference between private and public information

Learners preparing to share on their blog for the first time create their blog profile so they have content ready to share for their First Post.

A blog profile shares information about a blogger with their audience. Creating a blog profile is an opportunity for learners to connect with and understand that every time they share online it is contributing to creating their digital footprint. They need to make smart decisions about what personal information they share in their blog profile. 

Create a selection of blogs for your learners to explore that include quality examples of blog profiles that enable your learners to connect with creating a positive digital footprint e.g. 

The Blog Detective template could also be used to record what they have noticed while exploring blogs.

Share links to these blog profiles on your learning site for your learners to explore. While exploring the profiles notice:

This activity is suited to learners who may be sharing to a blog of their own for the first time

Use Google Drawing to CREATE a poster that shares a bit about you.

To promote ourselves in a positive way via our blog.

Encourage your learners to share their responses with their parents or caregivers.