Future Footprint

What personal information do you want linked to your name in ten or even twenty years time?

Preparation: Consider how you might engage your learners prior e.g. Are there local people your learners would connect with that you could include or replace for the exisiting profiles in the slide? e.g. see repurposed example West Coast and from Tāmaki below.

Are there people in your community that your learners could nominate who have been recognised online or have positive digital footprint. e.g. Harnessing Local Curriculum

Consider curating and sharing some examples of the ideas shared on Slide 5 that would resonate with your learners.

Smart Footprint: Future Footprints Teacher

Slidedeck created for a lesson with Year 7 & 8

Smart Footprint: Future Footprints

Slidedeck created for a lesson with Year 5 & 6

How do we create a positive digital footprint?

Slide deck uses a profile from the Year 7 & 8 slide deck (left) to ground a class discussion and model how the information someone shares online can be interpreted by others. Click image to open. Consider replacing with someone your learners would connect with

Everyone has a digital footprint not just celebrities and sports stars.

Glen Innes: Future Footprint

Slide deck created as part of a series of Smart Footprint lessons with Year 5 & 6. Cybersmart learning concepts and vocabulary scaffolded prior with lessons from: