My Digital Footprint

Smart Footprint: Think about how you advertise yourself online

Connecting learners with further opportunities to explore their digital footprint. Designed to be repurposed in response to your learners. Consider how you might make connections within existing programmes of learning


Update your email signature for the new year

Consider including opportunities for learners to email you in response to an exisiting programme of learning.

Co-constuct criteria for writing email and make connections with what learners already know from sharing on their blogs and blog commenting e.g.

  • email also contributes to your digital footprint, is it positive, thoughtful, helpful?

  • email subject line is clear, draws attention of the reader

  • proof read your email, does it make sense?

  • Use more words ... not more exclamation marks or emojis

  • greetings and sign off

How big is my Digital Footprint? We are making smart decisions about what we share online

Digital Trails

My 24 Hour Footprint

Learners use a copy of the Google Slide to connect with themes from the video and create a graphical representation of their 24 hour digital footprint.

How Big is my Digital Footprint
24 Hour Footprints

My Digital Life

Designed to use My 24 Hour Footprint and Digital Life 101 video

Learners create a short video on their Chromebooks.

Identify best option for your learners on their Chromebook e.g.

WeVideo Free version - upload the six images and add their captions as text

Screencastify - Create a new slide deck with an image on each slide and add captions using the text tool or word art. Present slidedeck in fullscreen and record with Screencastify.

Harnessing local curriculum

Identifying and harnessing meaningful learning experiences that are unique and in response to your community.

Be alert to these opportunities within your local community, to design learning that is personalised and inclusive and takes into account your learners' aspirations, interests, identity, language and culture. The example below was designed to engage learners from one of our schools to enrich local curriculum connections.