Blog Detectives

Blog Detectives is an opportunity to identify and discuss with your learners, that every time we share online it is personal and contributes to our digital footprint.  When others view the content we are sharing online they make inferences or an informed guess based on the content we are sharing. Often interpreting what they are seeing and reading in diverse ways. Sometimes generating a variety of inferences from the same information, depending on their prior knowledge and experiences. Identify opportunities for learners to discuss and consider different inferences and the impact of positive, thoughtful and helpful sharing on their digital footprint. Prior to learners attempting the activity below consider how they will connect with these concepts - for example:

Smart Footprint: Blog Detectives

How do we create a positive digital footprint?

This slide deck as been created to ground a class discussion and model how the information someone shares online can be interpreted by others. What can we infer about their characteristics, values and attributes?

Make links to the Kawa of Care and Cybersmart Learning.

Extended discussion may also include what to do if we receive online interactions that are not positive, thoughtful or helpful either publicly or via direct messaging and email. 

Blog Detectives Activity

Explore a blog - learners choose from a selection the teacher has linked to on their learning site. 

We can make an informed guess about the blogger by exploring the text, DLOs, comments and replies they share on their blog e.g.

Use the mind map to record what you can learn about this blogger, their characteristics and attributes,  from the content they share on their blog