Exploring Tangrams with Google Drawings

Exploring Tangrams with Google Drawings has been created and shared by Eric Curts on his blog controlaltachieve.com . Exploring Tangrams with Google Drawings is a valuable and fun opportunity for learners to practise and gain confidence navigating their keyboard and keyboard shortcuts. Below are some recommendations. Thanks to Eric for sharing these resources, highly recommend visiting his blog and following Eric on Twitter.

Use the Keyboard Shortcuts to practise moving, rotating and flipping pieces of the Tangram.

Open the Tangram Shapes and make a copy

Choose a Tangram Shape challenge and make a copy. Use the keyboard shortcuts to match the Tangram pieces to the black shapes.

Time yourself - how quickly can you complete? Record your time in a text box on the Google Drawing

Challenge a friend - who can complete a challenge first.

Remember Ctrl Z - If you move a piece and want to undo your move

Create your own Tangram Challenge using the the Black pieces and share on your blog for others to try.