Creative Commons

Cybersmart Concept: We are learning to understand what our responsibilities are when accessing and using digital content to learn create and share.

What are Creative Commons?

In this example learners will be introduced to the Creative Commons as an extension of copyright. To be successful they can give a definition of the Creative Commons and explain what the Creative Commons licences allow publishers of content to do.

Smart and Legal: What are Creative Commons

Next steps could be:

  • Create a Creative Commons licence suitable for their own work that could be shared on their blog.

  • Look into the schools Creative Common Licence

  • Learn how to attribute works using TALL (Title, Author, Licence, Links)

  • Attributing Images

Refer to the Smart and Legal: Teacher Reference to select and design learning.

What are the Creative Common licences?

In this example learners will able to identify the four licence elements and explain how these combine to make the six Creative Commons licences.

Smart and Legal: What are Creative Commons Licences