Attributing Images

Identify opportunities to start this conversation with your learners early!

If you cannot locate all this information about the image you must include a link to where you found the image.

Here is an example of an image that is available for reuse. 

Underneath the image is a link to where the image has been sourced online.

The video explores Copyright and Fair Use. Consider breaking up these themes to explore in response to your learners. New Zealand does not have a general “fair use” defence as exists in United States copyright law referenced in the video. Fair Use in New Zealand

Workbook for learners. Teachers make a copy and repurpose for your learners.

Deep Diving Into Text

Copy and paste a transcript of a video to a Google Doc. You will need to check the transcript makes sense and chunk ideas before deep diving into text with learners. Share a copy of the doc on your learning site for learners to make a copy. Use the highlight tool in Google Docs to highlight main ideas and significant word groups, to analyse and make meaning with your learners.

Insert Image 

In this example we are using the Insert Image tool to Search the web for images and introduce learners to searching online. This tool  provides search for the web, images and your Drive.  

Many of the images are available for reuse however learners need to check the exact terms of reuse stated in the license. (See Google's Disclaimer)

Smart Learner:Reuse and attribute an image

If the image is attribution free encourage learners to leave the link that is automatically generated with the image. 

The slide deck also includes support for checking the license and attributing images which are labeled for reuse.

If learners are using images in their blog posts or other DLOs they should also be applying these same practices.

Learners should not be sharing their copy of this Slide Deck on their blog. See recommendations for sharing below.

Recommendations for Sharing 

 Co-constructing success criteria for reusing and attributing images and reflecting on learning. 

Encourage learners to refer to their  copy of the transcript  and Deep Diving into Text Doc to identify vocabulary and significant word groups they can use to support their writing.

Scaffolded prompts for reflecting

When I was learning how to _______________ 

I was proud of  ______________________

I am confident at _______________

I discovered_______________

I am wondering _______________

What did I need help with today?  

What did I find tricky?

Assessment for Learning: Resources to help teachers with explaining and creating learning intentions and success criteria.  

Identify opportunities to start this conversation with your learners early!

Click image to view details

Click image to view details

Tools for learners to create their own images and illustrations.

Copyright this! (generic copy)

An opportunity for learners who have been blogging to learn more about creating and attributing digital content. 

Learners make decisions about how they want content they have created to be re used.

This copy of Megan's slide is generic and you are invited to make a copy and repurpose for your learners.