Film Festival Comments

We are learning how to write a quality blog comment for the Manaiakalani Film Festival

Learning how to leave quality blog comments is an important part of being Cybersmart. It teaches us how to interact with others online and enables us to continue creating a positive digital footprint.

Using elements of film to help us write quality comments in response to the Manaiakalani Film Festival movies.

Identify a small selection of movies that will appeal to your learners, from previous film festivals. Select movies that include strong examples of some of the elements above. Look for opportunities to model writing a comment and sharing quality comments via the class display to compare and contrast with our quality blog commenting criteria

  • Learners make a copy of the Film Comments slide deck and move to their cybersmart folder

  • Use the slide deck to craft their comments

  • When the comment is ready to share copy and paste it to the blog and publish.

Encourage use of POWER words and emphasise vocabulary specific to the elements of a film.

Film Comments
Power Words

Comparing and contrasting film reviews for "Inside Out" to help us identify specific vocabulary we could use to improve the quality of our film festival comments. "Inside Out"

Watch the "Inside Out" Trailer (right)

Watch, Read and Listen to Online Reviews for the film "Inside Out"

  • Written reviews include an option to listen while you read.

  • Open any review and click the speaker icon to listen and read along.

Teacher Notes

Inside Out Trailer.mp4
Inside Out Video Review by Gerry Kids First Film Critic.mp4
Inside Out Video Review by Dom Corry TV1
  • Collaborate with a group (2-3 people maximum) to record words that the reviewers used to describe the elements of the film they liked.

  • Use this Google Doc to record: One person make a copy and share with your group

  • Share your practise comments with your group for feedback. Use our quality blog commenting criteria to give specific feedback.

Cybersmart Quality Comments.jpeg