Blog Comment Replies

We are learning how to interact online in a kind, positive and helpful way.

We are learning how to respond to comments on our blog.

When someone leaves a comment on our blog we need to think about how we respond and the elements of a quality blog comment.

Identify a selection of blog comments with replies and share on your learning site. Examples below:

Consider opportunities for learners to collaborate.

Use exisiting strategies for grouping learners. Recommend groups off 2-3 max.

Use or repurpose a copy of the slide deck and share on your learning site

Commenting Tip:

If you are including a hyperlink in a comment use the following html so the link views as hyperlinked text.

<a href="insert URL here">Insert display text here</a>

Copy the html above and replace everything in red with the link you want to share and everything in green with text

Here is an example:

<a href="">Click here to join the Summer Learning Journey </a>

Ngā Tākupu Rangitaki Papai : Quality Blog Comments

Maintain positive and supportive online relationships

Room 4 @ Pt England School share some awesome ideas for recognising bloggers with their Kindness Project.

Curating these on the learning site create a helpful reference and word bank for creating comments too.

SMART ways to respond when someone is mean to you online
Smart Relationships: Extending our understanding of quality blog comments