Blog Comment Replies

We are learning how to interact online in a kind, positive and helpful way.

We are learning how to respond to comments on our blog. 

When someone leaves a comment on our blog we need to think about how we respond and the elements of a quality blog comment.

Identify a selection of blog comments with replies and share on your learning site.  Examples below:

Consider opportunities for learners to collaborate.

Use exisiting strategies for grouping learners. Recommend groups off 2-3 max.

Use or repurpose a copy of the Slide Deck  or Jamboard and share on your learning site

Commenting Tip: 

If you are including a hyperlink in a comment use the following html so the link views as hyperlinked text.

<a href="insert URL here">Insert display text here</a> 

Copy the html above and replace everything in red with the link you want to share and everything in green with text

Here is an example of html you would copy and paste into the blog comment.

<a href="">Click here to join the Summer Learning Journey </a>