Right Place Right Time - Bookmarks

Right Place Rigt Time: Bookmarks
  • Practise keyboard shortcut to show and hide bookmark bar

  • Bookmark key learning sites relevant to your learners

  • Identify Daily Drive tasks to model and practise regularly

  • Create a Digital Dig for your learners to locate key elements of your learning site, bookmark and take a screenshot

  • Opportunity for learners new to Chromebooks to practise screenshots - see Right Place Right Time below

  • Confident Chrome-bookers create a screencast to share an example of Right Place Right Time on their Chromebook e.g. Tour of their learning site, blog, class blog

Right Place Right Time Online

Are you in the right place at the right time online?
  1. Prepare a folder for images in your Google Site Drive and embed in your learning site. As learners are updating slides take pictures of them in the right place at the right time and upload to the shared folder.

  2. Embed slide deck in your learning site and display. Co-construct with your learners what Right Place Right Time at school is. Record on the Slide 1 before learners make a copy, add their name to the title and move to their Cybersmart folder.

  3. Learners update the slides and add an image of themselves in the right place and the right time.