Using Google Forms as a Writing Frame

In 2019 Cam Cameron shared this awesome workflow to scaffold learners using writing frames. By automating some of the process it also meant that updating the profiles was a lot easier for teachers. I bookmarked this knowing that it would be useful in the future. This term supporting a year 3-4 class new to Chromebooks and Blogging the time was right. I have shared links to Cam's blog posts below which I recommend reading first followed by a screencast describing how I have repurposed this if your blogs are using the featured post gadget to display blog profiles.

Cam has shared her process for using Google Forms to help compile profiles for new bloggers. This is a really helpful option for learners who need a lot of scaffolding. Read this blog post to understand Cam's original thinking.

Step through the process using Autocrat, a Google Sheets Add On. All the profile information is automatically sent to a doc in the teacher's Drive making it a lot easier to copy and paste into the blog profile gadgets. Use this option if your blog templates use the image and text gadgets to display profiles.

If you are using the featured post gadget to display blog profiles use Autocrat to create individual docs for each learners to share on their blog. This shares a copy to the learner's Drive to copy and paste as a blog post

Featured Post Gadget for Profiles

Eleni's Blog use the featured post gadget to display the blog profile.

This screencast steps through the option to create an individual doc in each learner's Drive. It also includes links with recommendations for preparing to roll out blogs for the first time and using the blog profile as the first post.

Google Forms Writing Frame.mp4