Exploring Online Profiles

Smart Footprint: Think about how you advertise yourself online

Empower learners who have been sharing on their blog to reconnect with their digital footprint and their responsibility to create and nurture a positive online presence they and their whānau, can be proud of. Consider how you can harness existing blog posts (class and individual) to connect learners with the elements of creating a Smart Footprint.

Our learners  have a rich history of sharing online ... we don't need to make stuff up!


How will you engage your learners?  

Learners individual blogs have been updated for the new year 

You are confident your learners have engaged with previous learning  and have had the opportunity to connect with what it means to create a positive digital footprint.  

Are there any elements you need to revisit?

Consider taking time to support your learners to audit their blog and create an analysis to identify next steps or any changes. 

See an example here from Robyn Anderson @ Panmure Bridge School

The purpose of our blogs is to share our learning - how do you want to represent yourself as a learner from your school online? 

Reviewing and updating your online profile demonstrates you are taking responsibility for keeping your digital footprint up-to-date. 

At this stage you may want to use quality examples of blog profiles from other blogs that you or your learners have identified.

Another option is to select and explore online profiles of people that maybe familiar to your learners. This provides opportunities to consider assumptions we can make about people based on their digital footprint.

How private is your personal information? 

Consider your learners when deciding whether to use this video e.g. curriculum level, age, time using devices and sharing via blogs.

Exploring Online Profiles 

Learners take time to scan the names and profile pictures without viewing the online profile.

Ask - do you recognise any of these people? 

Without viewing their profiles share with a buddy:

In this example New Zealanders that learners had most likely recognised or have seen in the media were selected. Consider including profiles of people from your community if relevant.

Thinking about how we advertise ourselves online

This example includes various online profiles. Consider the different mediums used to create an online profile e.g. webpage, video, graphics as another option for learners.