Quality Blog Posts

Smart Footprint: Share content you and your whānau would be proud of.

Manaiakalani learners use blogs to share their learning and connect with their audience in a kind, positive and helpful way. Your blog is an opportunity to create a positive digital footprint that you and your whānau can be proud of.  


Engage learners with multiple opportunities to connect with texts and the elements of a quality blog post  

Identify a selection of blogs for your learners to explore. Share the  links to these blogs on your learning site. 

Consider your learners when you select these blogs i.e.

Identify multiple opportunities to connect with texts

Create laminated cards of the elements of a quality blog post that learners can harness, to connect with and identify in exisiting blog posts. Encourage learners to contribute additional ideas and vocabulary.

Learners navigate to selected blogs on their device via their learning site. While they explore:

Consider the  Rubrics: Writing a quality Blog Post  

Recognising Blogger of the Week or Month 

Quality Blog Posts

Consider these opportunities for learners to collaborate with peers. Make a copy and repurpose for your learners by:

Encourage learners to include links in their blog post that are anchored  to the learning tasks on their class site.

Quality Blog Posts

Elements of a Quality Blog Post