Apps: Minimum Ages, Privacy and Control Settings

Cybersmart Concept: We are learning to understand what our responsibilities are when accessing and using digital content to learn create and share.

Please watch these YouTube videos before student viewing, teacher discretion is needed.

  • Who is this App for?

  • Is this the right App for you?

  • What are some of the terms and conditions?

  • What are the minimum age requirements?

  • What's good and what's not so good about this App?

Choosing Apps: In this example learners need learn how to make informed choices about the Apps they choose to use and recognise the minimum ages requirements.

Smart and Legal: Choosing Apps

How to change Privacy and Control Settings: In this example learners need to think about what they want to share publicly and what they want to keep private and change privacy setting and controls as accordingly.

Please watch these YouTube video before student viewing teacher discretion is needed especially for the last video.

Next steps could be:

  • Explore Apps they are interested in evaluate their use, the pros and cons of a particular App, the minimum age requirements and how to change privacy settings.

  • Provide learners time to delete Apps that are irrelevant to them, or change privacy setting and controls of current Apps they use.

Refer to the Smart and Legal: Teacher Reference to select and design learning.

Before learning to change privacy settings consider what you would be happy share online in Social Media Apps publicly, with acquaintances, our peers, our friends and family.

Smart and Legal: Levels of Privacy